Sentencing Guidelines

The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines have become increasingly complex. The Guidelines Manual has grown to over a thousand pages covering nearly 150 offense categories, with scores of adjustments, offender characteristics, and bases for upward and downward departure.

Our attorneys has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience and expertise in representing individual and corporate clients at the sentencing stage. They have handled federal sentencing proceedings involving Guidelines for mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, honest services fraud, ERISA fraud, tax crimes, embezzlement, theft, extortion, bribery, commercial bribery, offering or receiving gratuities, money laundering, environmental crimes, intellectual property including counterfeiting offenses, violations of food, drug, and medical device laws, immigration and naturalization offenses, offenses involving individual rights including involuntary servitude, obstruction of justice, perjury, contempt, homicide, and conspiracy.

The Guidelines sentences can be quite harsh, attorneys skilled in shaping creative ways to achieve the most lenient sentence possible.-by obtaining downward departure. Our attorneys seek straight probation, home detention, or community confinement in lieu of lengthy prison terms. Knowledge of the Guidelines and their interpretation - including situations that permit downward departure from the lengthy sentences otherwise prescribed - can reduce the otherwise severe impact of the Guidelines

If necessary, our lawyers can help navigate clients and their families through the unfamiliar process of incarceration from designation and classification to release. It may be possible to designate clients to the least restrictive state and federal facilities available and maximizing the period of time served in alternative incarceration facilities such as federal Comprehensive Sanction Centers and state and federal halfway houses.

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